Legally Dealing With A Pool Injury On Your Property

Did your neighbor threaten to sue you after he or she was injured in your swimming pool and you refused to pay for medical expenses? Although pool injuries that happen on residential property is usually the owners responsibility, it depends on how the injury occurred. If you don't feel as though you should be held liable for the injuries, contacting an attorney is a good idea. He or she can figure the situation out on your behalf and make sure everything is handled fairly. This article provides an overview of what might be discussed if an attorney is hire to help with the situation.

The Overall Condition of Your Swimming Pool

If your neighbor was using the pool in a negligent manner, his or her injuries may not be your responsibility. Was he or she removing drain covers when you told him or her not to? Did you warn your neighbor not to get in the pool because repairs need to be made. Depending on the type of injury that occurred and whether or not a warning was issued, your neighbor might be have to pay the medical bills. Your attorney will want to know every detail about the problems that your pool has, so write them down before your initial consultation takes place.

Your Home Insurance Coverage

A major part of your lawsuit will be based on whether or not you have home insurance coverage or not. If you are found to be liable for your neighbors injuries, it still doesn't mean that you have to pay for the medical expenses out of your own pocket. If there is insurance coverage on your house, let your attorney know. Your neighbor will be instructed to file a claim with the insurance agency rather than suing you for the medical expenses. You will then only have to pay from your own pocket if the insurance coverage amount isn't sufficient enough to cover all of the medical expenses.

The Severity of Your Neighbors Injury

An attorney, such as from Blomberg Benson & Garrett, can help you find out how severe your neighbors injury actually is. The reason why the severity of the injury is important is because it will help the attorney calculate a fair amount for you to pay if it becomes necessary. Even if your neighbor is able to obtain money from your home insurance provider, it is important for a fair amount to be given. An attorney can contact your neighbor and request medical evidence for each injury that he or she claims happened in your pool. The attorney can also speak to one or more physicians to verify that the injuries actually happened on the day of the incident.