5 Types Of Child Custody Arrangements

If you are divorcing with children, your prime concern may involve your custody rights. There are several types of custody arrangements that may be approved by the court. The types of custody available can differ depending on where you live, but the following are the most common options that are available.  1. Physical Custody For many parents, physical custody is the most important concern. This type of custody determines which home provides the main address for a child.

3 Ways Insurance Companies Can Delay Motorcycle Accident Claims

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can leave you without the ability to work. Most accident victims choose to file a claim with the insurance company in an effort to seek financial compensation for their injuries and losses. Unfortunately, insurance companies can engage in many behaviors that delay the processing of these claims. Working with an experienced attorney can help you avoid losing money as a result of insurance delays following your motorcycle accident.

How A Condemnation Attorney Can Help Private Property Owners

Some private properties are seized by the government for public use, and this is known as condemnation. If it's about to happen to your property, then go ahead and hire a condemnation attorney so that you'll receive the following helpful assistance. Make Sure Government Party Is Legitimate Before you just sell the rights to private property, you want to make sure the government party carrying out this condemnation is legitimate. Then you can feel better about the process as a whole and thus proceed forward with negotiations.

Divorce Attorney: Do These 3 Things To Win Your Divorce Case

Divorce is usually one of the most complex and distressing experiences any couple could face. Actually, terminating a marriage relationship is a painful decision. In most cases, how you handle the process determines whether you will win or lose. Usually, the legal part of the process is quite tricky, meaning you should handle it more diligently. Where possible, hire a competent divorce attorney because they know how issues like child custody.

Voir Dire — What It Means For Your Personal Injury Case

When your personal injury case must go all the way to a jury trial, that jury becomes a vital key to winning your case. How can you ensure that you receive a fair and impartial jury? Can you weed out potential jurors who might be biased against your evidence and arguments? The answer to both questions is found in the voir dire process. What is voir dire? And how will your attorney use it to help your case?