A Distracted Driver Might Face Both Criminal Penalties and Civil Litigation

Distracted driving is a very common crime that motorists commit. A driver might be on the phone, talking to a friend, reaching for a drink in the drink holder, or operating the infotainment system. Regardless of how little time the driver spends operating the infotainment system, there is a risk that they will cause a serious accident. Distracted Driving Might Lead to Criminal Charges Because distracted driving is so dangerous, distracted driving can be considered to be a crime.

Wills And Trusts: Do You Need Both?

Estate planning can involve several methods of dealing with incapacity, end of life decisions, and dealing with property after death. While an estate planning attorney will often advise clients to be prepared with many different documents, the last will and testament and a trust are often the most important of those. To find out whether those doing some estate planning need both a will and a trust, read on. A Will is a Vital Estate Instrument

Can I Sue An Officer For Injuries That Resulted From My Arrest?

The police are granted the right to use some degree of force when arresting a suspect. However, some police officers use more force than is necessary and this can sometimes lead to a suspect becoming seriously injured. If you are injured, you might have a claim against the officer. However, this can often be a difficult case to win and you'll need to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to maximize your chances of winning.

Venue Shopping And Chapter 7: What Filers Should Know

Bankruptcy filers may have noticed that where they live can affect their bankruptcy in a big way. While bankruptcies are filed in federal court and follow overall federal guidelines, each state has a say about some important bankruptcy rules as well. Read on to find out more about why the state in which you live affects chapter 7 bankruptcy in matters. What is Venue Shopping? When it comes to legal matters, the venue is the location and court in which a case can be properly filed.