3 Ways Insurance Companies Can Delay Motorcycle Accident Claims

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can leave you without the ability to work. Most accident victims choose to file a claim with the insurance company in an effort to seek financial compensation for their injuries and losses.

Unfortunately, insurance companies can engage in many behaviors that delay the processing of these claims.

Working with an experienced attorney can help you avoid losing money as a result of insurance delays following your motorcycle accident.

1. Denying Liability 

In order for insurance companies to pay out accident victims, they must accept that they have a duty of care toward the victim. Insurance companies will often deny this liability in an effort to get out of paying.

Having an attorney represent your interests in a motorcycle accident case is the best way to prevent an insurance company from delaying your claim by denying liability. Your attorney will be able to present a valid argument that outlines the specific ways the insurance company is liable, leaving little doubt that liability exists.

2. Claiming Lack of Evidence

Another way that insurance companies can delay the processing of a payout following a motorcycle accident is by claiming that the plaintiff has not provided enough evidence to prove their losses.

Attorneys that specialize in working with motorcycle accident victims understand the type of documentation and evidence that is required to support claims or lost wages, medical expenses, and mental anguish.

Your attorney will be able to prepare this evidence before your claim is filed, preventing the insurance company from using a lack of evidence as an excuse to delay your case.

3. Failing to Communicate Effectively

Perhaps the most frustrating way that an insurance company can delay your motorcycle accident claim is by failing to communicate effectively.

A representative from the insurance company may become difficult to contact. They may not answer the phone when you call, or they may fail to return emails and voice messages that you leave for them. Many accident victims become so frustrated with this poor communication that they eventually accept a lesser settlement amount.

If you hire an attorney to represent you, the attorney will be responsible for staying in communication with the insurance company. Insurance representatives tend to respond more readily to legal counsel, so you can increase your chances of having your claim processed quickly by working with an experienced attorney.

Don't let insurance delays prevent you from being compensated for your injuries following a motorcycle accident.

For more info, consult a motorcycle accident lawyer.