Receive Help After Being Involved In A Traffic Accident That Was Not Your Fault

If you were riding in a taxi cab and the driver began speeding and hit a parked car, resulting in you injuring your neck and back, the following tips will help you obtain assistance so that you are likely compensated for medical bills and lost wages that you have incurred. 

Contact A Specialized Attorney At Your Earliest Convenience

Call an attorney who predominantly handles cases that involve injuries that have resulted from an automobile accident. If you are seriously injured and cannot comfortably drive or be transported to an attorney's office, request the the attorney meet you at your home. During your meeting, describe in detail the sequence of events that resulted in you becoming injured.

If you can remember what time of the day it was, the weather conditions, and the amount of traffic on the roadway during the accident, relay the information to the attorney so that they gain a clear understanding of what happened.

After the meeting has ended, stay in touch with your attorney on a routine basis and follow any advice that they provide you with. In most cases, an attorney will suggest that you refrain from speaking to anyone concerning your case other than them and they will also verbally prepare you for an upcoming court date. 

Obtain Medical Care And Followup Care

Make an appointment with a specialist to have your neck and back examined. If the doctor suggests that you have x-rays taken of the injured parts, follow their advice so that any underlying injuries are discovered and treatment that is required will be administered.

Obtain copies of the x-rays and medical reports that your doctor has prepared. Give the copies to your lawyer so that they can present evidence to the judge who is handling the court hearing that you are required to attend. Receive followup care and inform your doctor of any changes in your condition. Continue making appointments with your specialist until your injuries have healed. 

Document Details In A Journal

Purchase a journal that will be used solely for documenting details concerning your court case. Write a descriptive account of what occurred on the date that you were riding in the cab and jot down information about how the accident has impacted your life. Include information about your health and the amount of money that you have been held accountable for to receive medical care.

If you are unable to work and bills are mounting up, include information about the money that you owe. Each time that you meet with your attorney, provide them with additional information that you wrote in your journal that could help strengthen your court case. Contact an attorney, like Gary L Baker Attorney at Law , to get started.