What To Do When You Need To Modify A Child Support Order

If you have primary custody of your children getting child support can be a godsend. Between living, school and leisure expenses, it's often extremely expensive to raise a child. At some point in the past, you and the other parent of your children may have come to an agreement concerning how much money you will be given each month. However, things change and you might be starting to feel a serious pinch in your pockets. It's time to modify the child support order but you're not quite sure how to do it. Keep reading to find out what you should do.

Hire A Child Support Attorney

As you can probably imagine, your child's other parent may not be too thrilled when they learn that you're looking to receive more child support. They have living expenses as well and if their own funds are starting to become tight they aren't likely to be very happy when they receive the petition for more support.

Instead of having to face the other party on your own it's better for you to hire a child support attorney. Not only can they file all of the paperwork for you, but they can also face your children's other parent and handle the negotiations. This helps you avoid becoming involved in a screaming match or some unpleasant scene that isn't good for you or your offspring.

Be Sure To Have Strong Evidence To Support The Changes

Make sure you have very strong evidence before you try to modify your child support order. It's not enough for you to seek more money just because you know that the other person has gotten a raise at work or has come into a windfall. You must be able to demonstrate to the courts why you need more money to support the wellbeing of your child.

If you are looking for the increase because your child's tuition has gone up, come to court with a notarized document from the principal or registrar at your child's school. The same applies to changes in medical or dental insurance costs or if you've had to move to a more costly place of residence. The stronger your evidence the more likely you are to get the funds that you're looking for.

Modifying a child support order is all about doing what's best for the child. Arm yourself with the tools you need so you can come out a winner. Contact a firm, like Catherine Real Family Law, for more help.