Three Ways That A Pedestrian Could Be Responsible For A Car Accident

When you're injured behind the wheel of your car, the common culprit is the driver of the car, truck, or even the motorcycle that hit you. There can be circumstances, however, where a pedestrian is at fault. It's not as though the pedestrian necessarily ran into your vehicle and caused you to crash. Rather, he or she may have played a role in your accident — either with another vehicle or perhaps on your own — that resulted in your injury. Here are some different ways that a pedestrian could be responsible for a car accident.

Jaywalking Resulted In Another Vehicle Swerving

A common way that a pedestrian can cause two vehicles to collide is by jaywalking. If he or she were to walk out into the street in a dangerous manner, another vehicle could swerve to avoid hitting the pedestrian but then crash into your vehicle — causing your injury. While you might initially be upset at the other driver, witnesses or video footage from the scene could suggest that the driver was simply doing what any responsible driver would do — reacting quickly to avoid someone walking into the roadway. In this scenario, the pedestrian would be your legal target.

Getting In/Out Of A Vehicle

Another potential way that someone on foot could cause a car accident that led to injuries is when he or she was getting in or out of a vehicle in a dangerous manner. Some people aren't aware of their surroundings and may simply open their vehicle door and step out into the road — directly into the path of another vehicle. If you were approaching a parked car and this took place, you may have crashed into another vehicle or even an oncoming one in an effort to avoid swiping the person on foot. Your attorney can make a case that if it weren't for the actions of the person on foot, the collision and your injury would not have happened.

Aggressively Attacking A Vehicle

You could face a scenario of someone attacking a vehicle moments before your car accident. For example, in certain areas, it could be possible for someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol or perhaps struggling with mental illness to attempt to attack a vehicle — either yours or someone else's. The resulting panic from you or the other driver could potentially lead to a car accident in which you sustain injuries.

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