Getting A Divorce? 3 Tips To Help You Through The Child Custody Process

When you get a divorce and you have kids, you are not only dividing up your assets and dissolving your personal relationships with your spouse, but you are also changing your kid's lives. You need to make sure that you really think about what your kid's life will look like, try to set aside your differences with your spouse, and really focus on building a life that is best for your kid. 

Fight for the Right Reasons

When it comes to dividing time and custody with your spouse, you need to think about what you are fighting for. If your former spouse is a loving and caring parent, even if they are a terrible romantic partner, try to put aside your personal feelings and work to share custody with your child's other parent.  

You should only really fight for full custody of your child if the other parent is not a good parent. If that parent is controlling, emotionally abusive or absent, or physically abusive, you should do everything you can to fight for full custody of your children.  

Just make sure you are fighting your spouse because it is in the best interests of your children not because you are angry about them having an affair or upset that your romantic relationships didn't work out.  

Watch Your Actions 

Next, you need to really watch your actions when you are going through a custody battle. Your former spouse's attorney could use that mean text you send out in a moment of anger to show that you are not in control of your emotions, or they can show that night out you took with your friends as evidence that you are not a fit parent. You need to be really careful with anything that you post online or do with your phone. Hopefully, your custody process doesn't get that petty, but it often does, so you need to be careful with what you put up in the digital world.  

Keep the Kids First

As you make choices throughout the custody battle, make sure that each choice is driven by your kid. For example, you should do what you can to continue to live in the best school district for your child. Make sure that the choices you make with your time and money while going through the child custody process show that you put your child's well-being first.  

When it comes to getting a divorce and going through a child custody battle, you need to make sure you are fighting for your children, not because you are upset over your romantic relationship with their other parent. Keep your kid's interests first when making choices and be very careful of any digital footprint you leave behind during this time period. Consider looking for a child custody lawyer like one at Hart Law Offices, PC to learn more.