4 Boundaries A Divorce Attorney Can Help You Enforce With A Narcissist

Narcissistic men and women are notorious for ignoring boundaries. If you ask a narcissist not to do something, they are likely to ignore your request. Even if they honor your boundary, they may still make rude comments or find other ways to disturb your life. That's why it's important to have an attorney help you establish and enforce boundaries during your divorce. Here are four boundaries a divorce attorney can help you enforce during your divorce.

1) No unannounced visits

If your narcissistic ex enjoys showing up without warning to ask for marital property, demand alimony, or interfere with the visitation schedule, talk to a divorce lawyer. A lawyer can help you get a court order or restraining order to prevent any unannounced visits. If a restraining order seems too drastic, you can request that your ex only stop by on specific days or times. You can even request a specific date or time frame for your ex to come to pick up personal property, then get that date approved by a judge.

2) No contact after the divorce is finalized

If you're divorcing a narcissist, chances are they won't let go of their grip on your life simply because the marriage has ended. A good attorney will be able to help you ensure that all contact ceases after the divorce is finalized. This could include blocking their number from your phone, not responding to emails or text messages, and even restricting them from visiting your home.

If you have children together, your divorce attorney can file a motion requesting that all correspondence take place via a parenting app. This can help stop harassment disguised as concern for the children, such as late-night phone calls demanding to know how the children are doing even though they are in bed.

3) No badgering about money

Narcissists can be a pain when it comes to money, regardless of whether they are the one who owes or the one to whom money is owed. A reputable divorce lawyer can help you create a clear, ironclad agreement about spousal and child support payments. This agreement should include deadlines for payment, consequences for late or missed payments, and any other rules that must be followed in order to protect your financial security — and sanity — during the divorce process.

4) No public drama

Narcissists often love airing their grievances in public. If your narcissistic ex is known for publicly humiliating you, a divorce lawyer can help you take legal action against them. This could include filing an injunction that prevents them from speaking about the divorce on social media or other outlets. You can also ask for communication-free visits where your ex cannot speak to you while picking up the children or attending special functions.

Divorcing a narcissist can be a headache, but a skilled divorce attorney can make things easier. Reach out to a trusted law office today to learn more about how you can enforce post-divorce boundaries with a narcissist.

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