That's An Order: Understanding Divorce-Related Orders

You should never think of divorce as a single event. Instead, it's a series of events that culminate in a final decree. The more children, debt, property, and disagreements there are between you and your spouse, the longer the divorce process will be. If there is one aspect of divorce that defines the process, it orders. Orders are the result of a family law judge ruling on some important aspect of the separation and divorce process, so read on to learn more.

Common Myths Associated With Miranda Rights

The Miranda warnings, or Miranda rights, were created in 1966 after Ernesto Miranda turned himself into the police and was not informed by officers he had the right to not incriminate himself or the right to contact an attorney. Chances are that you have heard the term Miranda rights on television or in film or you are familiar with the phrase because of your own experiences with police. Miranda rights are very misunderstood, and it's probable that a lot of the information you've heard about them are based on misconceptions.

Three Ways That A Pedestrian Could Be Responsible For A Car Accident

When you're injured behind the wheel of your car, the common culprit is the driver of the car, truck, or even the motorcycle that hit you. There can be circumstances, however, where a pedestrian is at fault. It's not as though the pedestrian necessarily ran into your vehicle and caused you to crash. Rather, he or she may have played a role in your accident — either with another vehicle or perhaps on your own — that resulted in your injury.

Top Things You Must Do Before Filing For Bankruptcy

To qualify for bankruptcy, you must meet certain conditions set forth by bankruptcy laws, and you can find out if you qualify by talking to a bankruptcy lawyer. If you do, there are several important things you should do before you file, and here are some of the most important things you will need to do. Explore other options for debt-relief One good thing to do before filing is to explore other options for finding relief from your debt.

What To Do When You Suspect The Custodial Parent Of Child Support Fraud

A lot of what is written about child support fraud focuses on the ways paying parents avoid their financial responsibilities. However, some custodial parents also lie and commit other nefarious acts to get more money from co-parents than they're entitled to. If you think your ex has committed child support fraud, here's what you need to do. Amass as Much Evidence as Possible Before the family court will take any action against the custodial parent, you must show how the person committed fraud, when it occurred, and what the person did.