Legal Issues You May Have To Deal With After Your Divorce Is Finalized

Your legal issues don't stop the minute you receive your divorce settlement. There are many post-divorce legal issues that may haunt you months or even years after your marriage is legally over. Here are some examples of those issues: Remarriage Some of the issues settled during your divorce will need to be revisited if you are remarrying. Here are a few examples of some issues that may change: Spousal support – spousal support usually lasts as long as you are single or doesn't cohabit with another person Child custody – remarriage doesn't automatically affect child custody arrangement, but the circumstances of the new marriage (for example if the couple move) may call for a modification Child support – again, child support isn't automatically affected when you remarry, but the circumstances may call for its modification (for example if your earnings change or the child's wishes change) Relocation

4 Types Of Moving Violations

The last thing you will want is to get a moving violation ticket. This can cause you to have more stress in your day that you simply don't need. The key to being able to avoid these will mean driving safely and knowing what could cause you to get cited for this. Being aware of the various types of moving violations may be helpful to you. Type #1: Going too fast

Is A Building Making You Sick?

Each year, insurance claims and lawsuits are filed for people who suffer from sick building syndrome, or SBS. The condition can cause several symptoms that could lead to the need for medical treatment. If you believe you suffer from SBS, here is what you need to know: What Causes Sick Building Syndrome? Sick building syndrome can result from exposure to a range of contaminants, including mold and asbestos. In most instances, the source of the condition can be traced back to chemical contamination.

Legally Dealing With A Pool Injury On Your Property

Did your neighbor threaten to sue you after he or she was injured in your swimming pool and you refused to pay for medical expenses? Although pool injuries that happen on residential property is usually the owners responsibility, it depends on how the injury occurred. If you don't feel as though you should be held liable for the injuries, contacting an attorney is a good idea. He or she can figure the situation out on your behalf and make sure everything is handled fairly.

Three Criteria That Give Your State Jurisdiction Over A Child

If you are having issues with your child custody arrangement, you can't just run to any court and hope for legal redress. In fact, even your home state doesn't automatically have jurisdiction over your child. Here are the three main circumstances in which your state may be considered as your child's home state: Your State Is the Child's Home State Just because you are a resident of one state doesn't make the same state your child's home state; your child is different from you.